‘Tis the season

It’s that time of year. Time to hang your colors high, people. VT vs Marshall this weekend. Go Hokies! (I’m sure there are plenty of people who think Virginia Tech would be better represented with an ironed flag. Sorry, this Hokie don’t iron.)

Smile for me.

He’s been doing it for a while now. That reflexive, infant smile. You know, the one some moms blame on gas but love nonetheless. Here’s what I called David’s newborn smile. To get this shot, I held the camera by my face for about five hours hoping lightning would strike. BAM. But now, we’re pretty

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Any running moms out there?

One of the biggest surprises during pregnancy was how good I felt when I was running. I had always hoped to continue running while pregnant, but I assumed it’d be a horrible chore, something I’d have to force myself to do. Instead, I felt most myself while running. Instead of tired,achy and huge I felt

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Weekend visitors

This weekend David had some special visitors all the way from Southwest Virginia. He met his great-uncle David. All my life we’ve called my mom’s brother “Uncle David” and, when we need to distinguish the two, my brother has been “little David” or (when he was younger) “baby David.” Now that David Andrew is here,

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Well said.

I follow a blog called Paradox Uganda, and it’s different than any other blog I’ve read. It’s written by Dr. Jennifer Myhre, she and her family have lived in Africa (mostly Uganda, most recently Kenya) as missionaries through World Harvest Mission for almost two decades. Like most missionaries, Dr. Myhre has abundant tales of trials,

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Good morning. Every morning, before he does anything else, David does his morning stretches. I undo his swaddle. He arches his back. And raises his arms. Feels so goooood! Ok, mommy, now I’m ready to start the day.

Vickie Lee.

For the past month or so our friends and family have been generously providing us with dinner. It’s awesome. Before David was born I thought making dinner for a family was just a nice thing to do. Now I know how incredible it is. We’ve gotten a few rotisserie chickens, and can I just say:

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Babies don’t keep

My mother in law told me about this poem, and I love it. Too often I find myself wishing the newborn phase away (I want to interact with this kid, yo!) so I appreciate reminders that this is a quick and precious phase, the laundry can wait (not that the house has ever been that

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One month

What a difference a month makes. Four weeks ago today I was very grumpy, very pregnant, and relatively certain my pregnancy was a permanent condition (which I think every woman starts wondering somewhere around 39 weeks). (grumpy? yes.) I was particularly irritable toward people who suggested I eat at a certain restaurant, see a certain

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C is for cat

Check out these alphabet magnets my friend Candace made for David. Aren’t they awesome? She used instructions found here. I can’t wait for David to start playing with them. Our cat Brigham likes them, too. (Actually, he’s just starved for attention. We haven’t so much as looked at the poor guy since we brought David

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