Adding to the chaos the best way we know how

We didn’t send out a Christmas card this year, but if we had it probably would have looked something like this.

st_marys_christmas_lights 071

And it would say: Merry Christmas from the Kriegers.

And then, perhaps on the back, we’d add a blurb telling our family and friends that Tom and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting Krieger Baby #3.

st_marys_christmas_lights 068

st_marys_christmas_lights 072

As of Christmas Eve, I’ll be 20 weeks. The baby is due May 13, the Wednesday after Mother’s Day.

st_marys_christmas_lights 067

If you’ve wondered why, for the past few months, I’ve been falling asleep at the dinner table, wearing the same outfit over and over, and inexplicably passing on wine, that’s why. Oh, and glowing. I forgot to mention the part about how all that exhaustion, hunger and weight gain is making me glow.

st_marys_christmas_lights 076

st_marys_christmas_lights 073

We are excited. We’re really, really excited. But we’re completely petrified, too, because Tom and I already feel outnumbered as it is.

st_marys_christmas_lights 074

st_marys_christmas_lights 070

st_marys_christmas_lights 069

David is thrilled. Every time we drive by the hospital (which is a lot) he asks if that’s where we’re going to get the baby out. He’s decided we’re going to name the baby Caleb, after his favorite celebrity.

st_marys_christmas_lights 075

I’m tempted to say Mary Virginia has no idea — she’s only 18 months old — but I sort of suspect she does know. She knows and she’s furious that she’s getting de-throned as baby of the family. I can’t think of any other logical reason she’s waking up at 5:20 a.m. just to scream at me.

st_marys_christmas_lights 077

Merry Christmas, everyone.


  1. Jocelyn December 23, 2014

    Yay!!! Oh I’m so excited for y’all!! How in the world do y’all keep it quiet for that long? I barely get the positive sign before I’m telling everyone. 🙂


    • Amanda K. December 25, 2014

      THAT is actually a whole story — i didn’t know i was pregnant until about 8 weeks. and didn’t go to the dr. until 15 weeks (because i thought i was 8-10 wks at that point). so when i found out i was 15 wks it was a RACE to tell friends and family bc i knew i’d be showing soon!!

  2. Meredith December 24, 2014

    Congratulations!!! Wonderful wonderful news. I knew the bedroom switch was for a reason 🙂 🙂 :). Yaaaayy!!!

    • Amanda K. December 25, 2014

      haha, we were definitely always planning on putting them together regardless (we have a teeny house and needed the space back!) but this helps! we DID buy a minivan last week, totally for baby krieger!

      • Meredith January 5, 2015

        hehe. You will love the minivan. PS saw above you weren’t showing yet at 15.5 weeks? With #3? I mean come onnnn that’s incredible.

  3. Elissa December 24, 2014

    Yaaaaaaay!!!! We are so happy for you!!!!! I am already excited to read all about having 3 kids on your blog 🙂

  4. Ashley December 24, 2014

    Congratulations!! I love it when great couples reproduce. Do work!

  5. Jackie December 25, 2014


  6. Laura December 26, 2014

    Yay, congrats!!!!!

  7. Lynsie McD December 28, 2014

    Yayyy! Congrats! I couldn’t get into my blogger feed while I was traveling, but Kristi Beabout told me the exciting news!

  8. Lara December 29, 2014

    Wonderful news! A baby is always a blessing! 🙂 So do you know it’s a boy, or is David just convinced it’s a boy?

  9. Julie January 2, 2015

    i’m just catching up….CONGRATULATIONS! So happy to hear there’s another little Krieger on the way 🙂

  10. Weslie January 9, 2015

    Oh my word! Just read this blog today… way late, I know. But how exciting!! Congrats!! And really… way too funny about thinking you’re 8-10 weeks and finding out you’re 15 weeks!!


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