Semantics – a quick lesson in phonological processes

Anna started speech therapy recently. So far it’s been really cool to learn about speech and sounds along with her. We’re all learning lots about things like fronting, gliding, stopping, replacing, deleting, and lots of other phonological processes.

Anna’s therapist is awesome, and teaches Anna to show us how to correctly say things. Basically, she shows me what she learned in class so that I can reinforce it at home. Anna teaches me, I remind her, and at the end of the week we’re all a little sharper on our Fs and THs.

Yesterday Anna was talking about how much she wants our family to have another baby. She was explaining to me that all we needed to do was dad and I needed to get married all over again. Basically, restart the marriage -> baby pattern.

She kept saying “married” but substituting the “r” sound with a “w.” I interrupted her and said, “It’s maRRRRRRied.”

Without skipping a beat, she corrected me, “You’re saying mare-DEED.” And then, patiently, coached me to slide an “s” to say “ssss-married ssss-d-married.”

Thanks, girl. We’re all learning.

Thankfully she happened to get the whole thing on video.

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