The challenge of savoring in a time of excess

Sometimes I wish I could teleport every now and then, to be lifted out of a particularly draining moment of monotony and placed into a different phase of life.

Maybe if I spent a day or two as the elderly lady in the grocery store, telling young moms to “enjoy it because it goes so fast.” Or if I went back in time to be myself as a young, single girl who didn’t have a husband or kids and desperately wanted both.

Perhaps then I would see this stage of life through a different lens — one where the dirty fingerprints and Cheerio-strewn floor is temporary. Or one where the years of back-to-back healthy pregnancies and thriving babies can be appreciated as God’s faithfulness.


  1. Jennifer Van Haitsma June 19, 2020

    Thanks for this perspective. I’m in a bit of a stressful season, and needed this reminder!


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