Basically, yes (a Semantics post)

In an effort to expose our kids to a variety of sports, David and Mary started soccer this fall.

While we are super excited to become a soccer family, we are not excited about all the gear. Kriegers are runners. Runners are unfamiliar with gear.

Cleats, shin guards, special gigantic soccer socks. It’s all a foreign language to us.

Since, when it comes to clothes, Mary’s a little…um…what’s the word? Specific? Particular? Erratic and volatile, not unlike the tyrant of a small country?

We were walking home from the bus stop and I explained to her that I bought several sock options for her, and that she could try them all and choose her favorite. And also I bought soccer shorts.

Me: I bought soccer shorts for both of you.

David: GREAT!

Mary: What do they look like?

Me: Yours are blue with a striped pattern.

Mary: But do soccer shorts look like boy shorts or girl shorts?

Me: You know those shorts I wear all the time when I go for a walk or a run? They look like that?

Mary: Yeah, and you keep wearing them even when you’re not running.

Me: Well, mostly I wear them because they’re really, really comfortable.

Mary: Oh. They’re comfortable. So that’s why you don’t care what you look like?



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  1. Gayle Ann September 6, 2019


    A future Anna Wintour.

    Skorts, perhaps?


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