It’s not a vacation, it’s a trip (as parents like to say)

You know you’re on vacation with a bunch of kids when getting through the day feels like you’re in the middle of some reality-TV endurance challenge.

In fact, traveling with small kids SHOULD be a reality TV endurance challenge. Or better, part of the regular date line-up on The Bachelor. Going on a trip to the South of France does NOT prepare you for a relationship, no matter how many corny metaphors the producers prompt you with. Imagine how much more epic a two-on-one date was one toddler, two adults. And why doesn’t the overnight date include four small children? That’s how you test a relationship. There will be no rappelling over waterfalls. I’m sure none of the contestants has listed “putting a three-year old to bed” as one of their fears, but they will after this date!

“This is a lot like a relationship,” the contestants will say in their interviews. “Because…because…because…nevermind, I can’t think of anything, I’m too tired to form a sentence.”

Vacations with kids are never easy, but I believe the first day is particularly hard. Everyone’s still a little off-balance — the kids haven’t settled into their sleep routines, and the adults haven’t had a chance to figure out how to work the coffee maker. It’s a bad combination.

It has felt like we’ve been outnumbered by the kids for a few years and babies ago, but  this year we actually were. Six adults, and eight kids ages 7, 7, 6, 5, 3, 3, 9 months and 5 weeks. It’s quite the lineup.

Day one on this year’s vacation started after a long night of lots of wake-ups and very little sleep. That morning the kids were restless and excited, and Anna wouldn’t go down for her normal 9 a.m. nap. I tried for a while, then I threw up my white flag put her in the Ergo and took her for a walk.

Eh, it’s not the relaxing cup of coffee on the dock I had imagined, but taking a walk on a beautiful mountain road while holding my baby girl isn’t too bad either.

Actually, a skipped nap is kind of like a relationship because, well, sometimes things get tough and you just have to keep going…one foot in front of the other…something like that…what was I talking about again?



  1. Oh my gosh yes!!! Lol but it’s so worth it!

  2. Shannon Dewease April 30, 2019

    Too funny (and yet soooooo true LOL!) Loved it!

  3. Tracey Skafidas April 30, 2019

    I always say this! I don’t think moms get true vacations unless they go somewhere WITHOUT their kids!! But, someday I’m sure we’ll all gloss over the chaos and enjoy the memories. 🙂


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