Occasionally Mary says things that raise my eyebrow. Things like,  “I can’t play soccer because girls don’t play soccer.”


“I wish I could be a scientist, but I’m a GIRL.”

I try to be redirect these comments and encourage her, and I try to not feel too bad. After all, I AM her main example and I CANNOT play soccer and I AM NOT a scientist. No matter that her beloved preschool teacher is plays soccer. No matter that her aunt is a scientist.

While I scour my house of whatever is planting this misinformation, I’m also doing my best to make sure there are lots of strong female examples in our world.

Quite obviously, the first step in that process is familiarizing her with Beyoncé’s body of work.

The unanticipated, but absolutely delightful side-effect of all this music is that whenever Beyoncé asks, “WHO RUN THE WORLD?” Thomas jumps up on the couch and shouts with all his heart, “GIRLS!”

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