Month 8

Things are a little crazy around here, so this will be quick. But because every day is so hectic, keeping up with these updates actually feels like more of a priority. Since I don’t have time to give him actual individual attention, the least I can do is write a couple hundred words each month.

Also, I wanted to take the opportunity to say this: Thomas is our best baby.

That’s what David says, anyway, and it’s true.

thomas 1

This month was full of firsts for Thomas. First Christmas, first snow, first peppermint patty (he can thank Grammy for that last one). This month Thomas started teething, started crawling, and we said a final farewell to newborn poop. Kids these days, they grow up so fast.

The crawling took me by surprise because he still isn’t really sitting. And now there’s no hope of sitting because every time I sit him on the floor, he just lunges forward to crawl away. But that’s ok, right? Because sitting isn’t really a life skill. Thinking about my day as a stay at home mom, sitting is a skill I almost never use.

thomas 3

thomas 4 (1)

Thomas has almost completely transitioned to taking two naps a day. He’s also still waking up several times at night — usually once around 11 p.m., once around 4 a.m., and again around 6 a.m. I’d resigned to a life of exhaustion and then Thomas did something extraordinary. Without warning, he slept from 11 p.m. all the way till the morning. And then he did it again. And then he got sick, which ruined absolutely everything.

Just two nights of nearly six hours or so of uninterrupted sleep changed my entire outlook on life. Suddenly I had more patience, I was motivated, I had a desire to exercise. You people who regularly sleep through the night? You’re on to something extraordinary.

thomas 4

Thomas is showing increased interest in solid foods. I don’t really give him any purees these days, because that is an insult to his independence. Instead, he loves picking up pieces of whatever we have for dinner. Tonight? Flank steak and garlic bread. His all-time favorite food? David’s discarded pizza crust.

thomas 1

thomas 2

And here’s the part I say every month, and I’m going to say it again. Thomas is wonderful, happy, delightful, chubby, and adorable. He’s patient with me, and patient with his siblings. He loves to cuddle, loves to nurse, and smiles and squawks when Daddy gets home. Little-diddle Tommy-llam-y; he’s our best baby.


Dear Thomas,

We’ve had a hard few weeks as a family, and nothing exposes how little margin we have in our lives than tumult. As soon as our schedule gets rocked, everything else seems impossible.

Everyone was sick, which made things extra stressful, and you responded the only way a baby can: by resisting naps, waking up extra through the night, and starting the day very, very early. We had extra doctor’s appointments and you also absolutely refused to be cared for by anyone besides me. You fussed at your daddy and screamed at your Pops.

You’re just a baby; you aren’t supposed to notice when Mommy and Daddy are worried. But you did notice, and it took me a few days, but eventually I realized that all you were doing was telling me that you were concerned as well.

After all, you’re part of this family, too.

I love you,


thomas 1 (1)

thomas 2 (1)



  1. Karen January 20, 2016

    Hey there. Okay if I share this post on my OT blog? Great photos of typical motor development! How old is MV now? Thx, Karen

    • amandakrieger January 21, 2016

      You can certainly use it! Mary Virginia is two years and seven months right now, and she loves to draw!

  2. He is such a cutie!! Happy 8 months to your sweet baby and thanks for linking up with us! 🙂

  3. Oh man, such a cutie!! That smile! My son never really hit the sitting milestone (I mean, he sits now, obviously) bcause he was always on the go go go. The only time I could get him to sit for any extended (read: 15 seconds) period of time was when I put a pot in front of him and a spoon in his hand!


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