Squeaky clean (finally)

The other day Tom took the big kids on a quick errand, and I decided it was high time I got around to giving Thomas his first bath.

firstbath 1

firstbath 2

I’m not going to tell you how old Thomas is in these photos because my mother raised me with higher hygiene standards than that, and she has a reputation to uphold.

But it’s ok, right? I mean we’ve been busy, what with taking care of three kids, throwing birthday parties, and keeping up with the new season of the Bachelorette. Really, Kaitlin? You’re into Nick? REALLY???

And after all, it’s not like Thomas spends all day smearing dirt in his hair.

After the bath he smelled so good and his sweet fuzzy head was so so soft — and then this alligator came out of nowhere and swallowed him whole. It was all so adorable that I’ve been bathing him nonstop ever since.

firstbath 1 (1)

firstbath 2 (1)


  1. Brandi June 14, 2015

    This makes me realize how long it has been since my own kids have bathed…but it’s summer and they’ve been swimming every day…so that totally counts, right?

    Congrats on your beautiful baby!

  2. Meredith June 14, 2015

    Yes swimming counts!! Soo so cute Amanda. 🙂

  3. Carie June 14, 2015

    Oh that made me giggle!! I suspect we were a bit on the later side with giving our second and third babies their first baths, but I always thought they were comfy with a familiar smell so claim you were doing baby-led baths or something! And I just love the alligator, it’s too cute for words!


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