Hello, hyacinth

I bought these potted hyacinths last year when I was aching for spring. After the flowers faded, I plopped them in the ground and hoped for the best.

Now here they are.

They’re a bit battered and bruised after the winter, but who isn’t?


I planted a bunch of tulips, too. They’re bravely unfurling in this temperamental spring weather. And then there’s David’s chaotic, stomping toddler feet. He checks on them every time we leave the house by walking through the flower bed, peering into one spiral of leaves while stepping on another. “Where’d the flowers go, Mommy? Are they OPEN? They’re not here yet.”



No, they’re not here yet, and they never will be if you don’t get a handle on your New Balances, son.


It’s been spring for nearly three weeks, and now it’s finally starting to look like it.


  1. Kristie April 9, 2014

    I like the picture of the little tulip bud. My kids would love looking for those.

    • Amanda K. April 9, 2014

      they’re getting bigger now and easier to spot!


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