This is definitely better than watching Elmo on YouTube all evening

I really, really planned on swimming laps a lot this pregnancy, but now I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I haven’t been in the pool even once. I have a good reason: we stopped going to the gym around mid-December. I had been going faithfully, but then what happened? Oh, that’s right, every time we even walked by a nursery David spiked a fever. So since Christmas we’ve been avoiding common spaces.

Tom, who grimaces every time our un-used gym membership shows up on our credit card bill, remembered that our gym has a pool for kids. This is why babies have daddies, because daddies remember the pool at the gym, the one with a dinosaur slide. DSC_4106 DSC_4122 DSC_4125

“Fish” is one of David’s new favorite words, and he’s obsessed with our fish-shaped tub clings. We brought them to the pool and he spent most of his time throwing and retrieving them.

DSC_4111 DSC_4112 DSC_4113

The kiddie part had a very, very gradual slope and at its deepest was only two feet, so David could walk in and out of the pool, and all around on his own. But Tom stayed right with him the whole time because every now and then he’d fall…and every now and then he’d do a swan dive for one of his fish.


Every single time his face went under I would panic and scream at Tom and Tom would tell me that David was fine…


…and lo and behold, David was fine every time.

David loved the pool, but he was also a little unsure. Plus the water was sort of cold, so we didn’t stay too long. When we left he started crying for the “bath” and threw a tantrum on the locker room floor. There are cleaner places to lay down and cry; he not only caused a scene but also probably picked up Athlete’s foot and an eye infection. My son is a lot of things, but a germaphobe is not one of those things.

On the way out, Tom noticed this room.


Duh, why haven’t we been bringing him HERE? Where all the balls live!


David took to it like…well…like a fish to water.


Dribbling like Daddy.


DSC_4143David’s wearing his pajamas because it was uncomfortably close to bedtime, meaning Mommy Buzzkill had to ruin everything. I made the boys come home after only five minutes. Both Tom and David threw tantrums when we left.


David calmed down when we got to the car, which is also filled with balls, then took him to our ball-filled living room, and then put him to sleep in his ball-filled crib.


  1. Meredith March 11, 2013

    Ok his face in the ball gym is so awesome! This is all at your GYM? I took Addie to the aquatic center and it was so much fun. A little cold too, but there’s a therapy pool that’s nearly a hot tub, and babies are allowed in! So we started in the play pool then moved to the senior aerobics pool. Best morning out in a long time!

  2. Grammy March 12, 2013

    this should become a tradition. Looks like so much fun!


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