Well, hello there. We weren’t expecting to see you so soon

When we moved to our current house, we left behind a backyard with something like 10 hours of sunlight, a gorgeous iris bed, and a strawberry patch.

It took two years for our strawberries to get established, send out runners, and really produce. When I bought new strawberry plants to start a patch at our new house I figured I’d have to wait a while before we’d see anything.

But I was wrong.

Gardening is mostly scientific: pH and sunlight and fertilization. But there are (good and bad) surprises along the way, too. Like when your hearty zinnia dies for no good reason at all, or when an avocado tree sprouts in your compost.

Or when strawberries arrive a year before you expect them.

Update: I took these photos last week. Now all the strawberries are gone; seems the chipmunks were excited to see the berries, too.


  1. Lyns June 11, 2012

    We had bird eating ours. I kept blaming cats and all kind of creatures, then we caught the birds, we put up chicken wire around them and have had 5 or so everyday for the past month. It is the pretties cage, but it works to keep them out.

  2. Billy Brandorff April 21, 2013

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