Attention Attention: Adoption Yard Sale

Check this out.

My friend Elizabeth is having a huge yard sale.

And see where it says adoption Yard Sale? That’s because all of the proceeds go toward helping Elizabeth’s family adopt a little boy from China named Charlie.

(Her blog is choc-full of their decision to adopt, but you can read the beginning of this particular journey here.)

One of the ways I’m involved at our church is serving as a nursery coordinator. Instead of providing childcare, I make sure all the rooms have workers and things like pretzels, and Band-Aids. Also, if any of the kids are having trouble, I go get the parents so the workers don’t have to leave their rooms.

One Sunday Elizabeth’s daughter Grace was crying for her parents, and after a while I went to go get them. That particular Sunday happened to be Orphan Sunday, and Elizabeth was making an announcement about how she has seen God work in her family through adoption.

Since Elizabeth was on stage talking about how everyone should jump out of their seats and immediately adopt a child, I got her husband, Sloan. We walked back to the nursery together and he joked about how the irony of Grace crying at the same time they were talking about how amazing adoption is. “Everyone, just take a look at my screaming child! Don’t you want one!??!”

I’ve thought about that moment several times; it just pops into my mind when I pray for their family. And God’s helped me realize that that moment is actually a beautiful picture of our adoption into God’s kingdom. 

It’s as simple as this: Grace was in need, and her father came for her. If that’s not a picture of the Gospel, of Jesus’ love for us, then I don’t know what is. We are all in need; Jesus comes and gets us.

Elizabeth and her family do not claim to be perfect or saints or even that they have it all together. They do not pretend that any part of this is easy. Their rally cry is this: we need Jesus!

This is something Elizabeth wrote about their decision to adopt.

“I want my family to be aware of its need for Jesus.  I want us to never get so self-sufficient that we forget who is the Great Provider.  I want for all of my kids to know what real love looks like—a love that doesn’t count the cost of suffering, a love that chooses to be uncomfortable for the sake of another, a love that values joy over happiness, redemption over ease, reconciliation over smoothness, grace over rightness, resurrection over complacency.
When I was lost, broken, spiritually paralyzed, and an enemy, Jesus came for me.  He left the comforts of heaven and came to the chaos.  For me.  And he was not content to just forgive.  He was not content to just make me right before the Father.  No, He adopted me.  He gave me a family.  He gave me an inheritance.   And there’s nothing like the surety of love to set you free from all your fears.”
So go to her yard sale. Or donate stuff to her yard sale. Or you could just give them all your money.
That would work, too.


  1. Laura @ Mommyrunfast June 10, 2012

    This is a beautiful story! We are feeling the pull to adopt, possibly internationally, and are praying through it all… giving a little more time for things to happen naturally, but I was really moved by this. Thanks for sharing!

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