Like bacon dipped in chocolate

In case you can’t tell what’s happening here, David has somehow wedged his thumb into his pacifier.

(Sorry for the blur. David was on my lap, super close to the lens.)

It was the collision of his two favorite worlds in a way he never dreamed possible.

If a look can say, “Woman. If you do anything to disrupt the nirvana I have created I will end you,” then this is that look. 


  1. Jenny Ramsey February 20, 2012

    hahaha! so cute!!!!

  2. Grammy February 21, 2012

    he sure has no problem letting you know!

  3. Elissa Whited February 29, 2012

    Amanda,<br>Thank you so much for posting that SNL video. I literally LOL’ed. I needed that today :-)You crack me up. Hope you’re doing well!

  4. Elissa Whited February 29, 2012

    woops. I just commented on the wrong post. he is very cute!


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