How I know I married an honest man

We started giving David some solids. Over the past few days he’s had avocado, potato and banana. He LOVES it.

It’s wigged out his digestive system, though. He went from pooping three or so times a day to…zero.

I’ve heard this is normal, and that when his system decides to move it will MOVE. I keep bracing myself for The Big Poop.

Last night David woke up and Tom brought him to me to nurse.  David smelled like poop. Not nursing poop, but real, big boy, “I eat solids now” poop.

I turned to Tom and said, “Tom, I think David finally pooped. He smells so gross.”

Tom turned his head and said, “No, that was me. I farted. Sorry.”



  1. ej_phillips February 15, 2012

    sloan likes to say one of the benefits of parenting is that you can blame bad smells on the kid’s diaper. Fart in a grocery store? No biggie if you’ve got the baby. Simply announce to anyone nearby, "Whoa! Honey! Smells like it is time for Mommy to change you."

  2. Brilliantly told – I laughted out loud, love it!


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