Happy birthday, Pops

On the same day David turned a whole four months old, Tom’s dad also celebrated a milestone birthday.

We celebrated a few days after his actual birthday, because he was busy babysitting for one of his grandsons on his birthday.

Did you catch that? He was babysitting. On his birthday.

And what was his lovely wife doing? She was babysitting for her other grandson.

So instead of birthday party-ing, they were babysitting so their children could be out on the town. Amazing.

When we finally celebrated, we did the only way we know how: with lots of food…


…and filling the Kriegers’ living room with adorable baby boys.

Tom’s dad is an oatmeal cookie maker, nickname giver, and undisputed baby whisperer. He endures his sons with the patience of a saint, and treats his daughters-in-law like princesses.

I told Tom I was writing a birthday post about his dad and asked what qualities he thinks of when he thinks of his dad.

He responded, “He loves Costco. He loves Steelers. He loves his wife and his family. He’s a great dad.”

I think that about sums it up.

Happy birthday, Pops, Rich, dad.

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  1. Rich Krieger December 21, 2011

    Big surprise; Mimi and Pops LOVE this!<br>


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