Green beans.

Yesterday one of the blogs I follow asked for Halloween photos.

This particular blog is HILARIOUS…if you watch the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. In fact, I continue to watch the show only because her updates are so funny and not reading them would mean I’d miss a few belly laughs. (I also continue to watch because I think I have cracked the formula of the show and, if i did not have 1. a husband 2. morals I think I could win the show. It is, after all, a competition. But I’d win without ever saying that because that alienates all the fans, ladies.)

So when she asked for Halloween photos I thought, “What’s the point of putting a dog hat on your baby if you’re not going to plaster photos of it all over the Internet?”

1. I e-mailed her.

2. She e-mailed me back! I already felt famous.

3. She made witty banter! We are best friends!

4. My baby is on her website!

Check it out:

(Though David is on a site called “I Hate Green Beans,” he does not hate green beans. Rule #2 in the Krieger house: no one is allowed to hate vegetables. Rule #1 is no eye-gouging. This rule was instated when David was born and would.not.stop.scratching.his.eyes.)

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