14-week growth spurt

David turns 14 weeks old today. And I, I am reentering the land of the living. Thanks, it’s great to be back.

You see, for the past week or so David has been acting like a big ole baby. Turns out his bouts of 10-hour sleep were a tease. A ruse!

Just as I started to trust him he regressed – back to waking up every three hours. Awesome. When you have a three-month old and they start pulling crap like that, you attribute it to a growth spurt. I started the week saying, “Hm, maybe he’s having a growth spurt.” And ended it with, “You BETTER be having a growth spurt, baby.”

In addition to night waking, he was also waking up SUPER early in the morning and hardly napping at all.

I slowly disintegrated; too tired to stand up straight or redo my ponytail. The baby wasn’t tired, though. Apparently babies need like 18 hours of sleep a day. How could the baby NOT be tired?

Last Sunday, at the height of exhaustion, I got an email from Pay`Pal with the subject: “Security Alert! Pay`Pal needs you to confirm your Pass word!” And you know what I did? I clicked a link that didn’t even include the word “PayPal.” I only realized what I’d one after entering my password. New moms should not be allowed to operate motor vehicles or use the Internet unsupervised. Tom spent a while on Sunday undoing my mistake and battening down the hatches.

For some reason regression was way harder than back when he was a newborn and waking all.the.time. I’m not sure why. Maybe because back then I only had a month of missed sleep, and now I’m three months deep. Maybe because I had a taste of uninterrupted sleep. Who knows. All I know is mama’s feet have been dragging for a few days.

Last night he woke up just once. This morning when I heard my sweet baby cooing, I rolled over and looked at the clock. 8:27am. We’re back in business, baby. I dare phishers to try to pull one over on me again.

(Actually. Scratch that. Who knows when the next “growth spurt” will hit.)

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  1. Kristie November 23, 2011

    It looks like Daddy got the baby to sleep, too. Way to go, Tom!

  2. Julianna Morlet October 3, 2013

    I read this entire post with a big fat “Me too!” playing through my head. 🙂


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