14-week growth spurt

David turns 14 weeks old today. And I, I am reentering the land of the living. Thanks, it’s great to be back.

You see, for the past week or so David has been acting like a big ole baby. Turns out his bouts of 10-hour sleep were a tease. A ruse!

Just as I started to trust him he regressed – back to waking up every three hours. Awesome. When you have a three-month old and they start pulling crap like that, you attribute it to a growth spurt. I started the week saying, “Hm, maybe he’s having a growth spurt.” And ended it with, “You BETTER be having a growth spurt, baby.”

In addition to night waking, he was also waking up SUPER early in the morning and hardly napping at all.

I slowly disintegrated; too tired to stand up straight or redo my ponytail. The baby wasn’t tired, though. Apparently babies need like 18 hours of sleep a day. How could the baby NOT be tired?

Last Sunday, at the height of exhaustion, I got an email from Pay`Pal with the subject: “Security Alert! Pay`Pal needs you to confirm your Pass word!” And you know what I did? I clicked a link that didn’t even include the word “PayPal.” I only realized what I’d one after entering my password. New moms should not be allowed to operate motor vehicles or use the Internet unsupervised. Tom spent a while on Sunday undoing my mistake and battening down the hatches.

For some reason regression was way harder than back when he was a newborn and waking all.the.time. I’m not sure why. Maybe because back then I only had a month of missed sleep, and now I’m three months deep. Maybe because I had a taste of uninterrupted sleep. Who knows. All I know is mama’s feet have been dragging for a few days.

Last night he woke up just once. This morning when I heard my sweet baby cooing, I rolled over and looked at the clock. 8:27am. We’re back in business, baby. I dare phishers to try to pull one over on me again.

(Actually. Scratch that. Who knows when the next “growth spurt” will hit.)


  1. Kristie November 23, 2011

    It looks like Daddy got the baby to sleep, too. Way to go, Tom!

  2. Julianna Morlet October 3, 2013

    I read this entire post with a big fat “Me too!” playing through my head. 🙂


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