Sleep deprivation

Does anyone else think he looks like he’s only pretending to sleep in this photo? He might have been. He woke up when the shutter clicked. Faker!

Speaking of sleep, Tom and I had the following conversation at 5am.

Amanda: Tom! Guess what, this is the first time David’s woken up since 11, he slept for 6 hours!

Tom: That’s amazing.

I happily pick up David. Meanwhile, Tom wakes up a little more.

Tom: Are you sure? I thought he woke up at 2?

Amanda: Nope, this is the first time.

By the time I fed, diapered, swaddled, and put David back to sleep I realized Tom was right. David had woken up at 2am.

This is notable only because I was awake with him for an entire hour and I didn’t even remember it.

Sleep deprivation is a powerful thing.

SLEEP!? There are no sleepy babies in this crib!

I want to PLAY!


The effects of sleep deprivation - beyond exhaustion



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  1. vickie Southall September 27, 2011

    David Andrew is probably thinking: You wake me up and I’ll wake you up! He is precious.

  2. Lindsay Krieger September 27, 2011

    steve and I honestly had the exact same conversation several times. I often thought I was going crazy (but that’s exactly what sleep deprivation will make you feel, right)!Anyway, David looks SUPER adorable in these pictures. I see Tom in him in these!

  3. Kelly Hansard September 27, 2011

    Um, I know Lindsay just said she sees Tom in the baby in these pics but I totally see Southall in him. Especially that fake sleeping one. That IS what your face books like Amanda.

  4. vickie Southall September 28, 2011

    I agree with both comments that David Andrew does look like Amanda but I see Tom in him as well!

  5. Kristie September 29, 2011

    Gah! He is so cute I can’t stand it!! Oh, BOTHER geography.


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