Running: Day One

I did it. Armed with my doctor’s blessing and the most intense item of running apparel I’ve ever owned, I did it. I went for a run. The conditions were perfect, I had gorgeous weather and a sleeping baby. But not even a crisp fall day could change this fact: it was hard. These days

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Unless you count my daily bowl of cereal, this is the first thing I’ve cooked since David was born. Fried potatoes, yummmm… My dad always ate these for breakfast. It’s a good thing, too, because otherwise I wouldn’t know how to make them, and my husband LOVES fried potatoes for breakfast. So Saturday morning I

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Any running moms out there?

One of the biggest surprises during pregnancy was how good I felt when I was running. I had always hoped to continue running while pregnant, but I assumed it’d be a horrible chore, something I’d have to force myself to do. Instead, I felt most myself while running. Instead of tired,achy and huge I felt

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