Running: Everything is harder with a baby

A few things are harder when you have a baby. Things like sleeping at night and staying awake during the day.

Or take a simple errand. Here are a few things about going to the grocery store that are harder when you have a baby:

1. Realizing you need to go to the grocery store
2. Making a grocery list
3. Driving to the grocery store
4. Getting from the car to the store
5. Shopping [last week someone in the store stopped me and said, “maybe your baby’s crying because he’s hungry.” Thank you. That’s helpful.]
6. Checking out
7. Moving both the grocery bags and baby from the car into the house
8. Putting groceries away

See how that works?

Running is just one more thing that’s harder when you have a baby.

Jogging strollers make it easier. They’re a little extra weight, but they negate the need for a babysitter.

Even when you don’t have a baby, running is all about timing.

You have to think about when to eat and how much to eat, being well-hydrated, and the weather.

The same is true with a baby, only there are like a hundred more variables.

I try to run around 3pm, so lunch is digested but I’m not quite hungry for dinner. Since it’s fall (and I can run before dark), I don’t have to worry about the weather much (except for today = downpour). But these days getting my timing in order is a breeze compared to my little temperamental running partner.

David has to be well-fed (for his comfort and mine) with a clean diaper. He can’t be fussy and preferably, he’s been awake for a little while so he’ll sleep for the ride.


He also makes running easier at times. Because every now and then someone will stop me and ask to see my baby. Then we talk for like five  minutes about how adorable and awesome babies are.

THEY think it was just a conversation about babies, but I know the truth: I just got a five minute break I don’t even have to feel guilty about.


  1. Becky Krieger November 17, 2011

    Love it!!! and totally agree with the grocery advice.. always unsolicited and always when the little one is screaming their lungs out. "Maybe she’s needs a nap".. Inside I think "WOW! why didn’t I think about that!?!" Luckily no one can hear my thoughts.

  2. Grammy November 17, 2011

    wait until there are two; fun and then more fun! I know you remember the story of being turned over in the cart.


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