Cue the Hallelujah Chorus

This… …is happening so much more┬ánow. Self-soothing! Next thing I know he’ll be off to college. (Since we’re on the subject of milestones, last night Tom put David to bed all by himself while I sat on the couch. LOOK AT US GO!)

Smile for me.

He’s been doing it for a while now. That reflexive, infant smile. You know, the one some moms blame on gas but love nonetheless. Here’s what I called David’s newborn smile. To get this shot, I held the camera by my face for about five hours hoping lightning would strike. BAM. But now, we’re pretty

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One month

What a difference a month makes. Four weeks ago today I was very grumpy, very pregnant, and relatively certain my pregnancy was a permanent condition (which I think every woman starts wondering somewhere around 39 weeks). (grumpy? yes.) I was particularly irritable toward people who suggested I eat at a certain restaurant, see a certain

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