Happy birthday, Mom!

In case you can’t tell, it’s the middle of birthday season for the Krieger and Southall families. It was my mom’s birthday this Sunday, and David and I made the trip to Franklin County to celebrate. I never thought my family had birthday traditions, but now that I joined another family, I realize that we do.

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This year I resolve to…

Tom has started riding his bike to work a few times a week. It’s all part of our overall goal to live frugally and stay healthy. Plus, it means less wear and tear on the car and it’s good for the environment. His goal is to cycle to work 2-3 times a week. The weather

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I’ve been reading

Did you know newborns eat every two to three hours. Also known as ALL THE TIME? the timer for eating starts when they BEGIN eating, not when they finish. So if sweet baby starts eating at noon, they’ll probably finish around 12:40, then be ready to eat again at 2. I’d like to see YOU

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