Pumpkins carved, candy in a big bowl, costumes ALMOST assembled. Tomorrow’s Halloween and the Kriegers are ready.

Except for the teeny detail that Mary Virginia spiked a fever last night and so our princess butterfly might end up on the couch watching Sofia the First instead of trick-or-treating. It’s lose lose for everyone, because that’s just one less bag for Mommy and Daddy to pilfer for the good candy.

I snapped these pictures yesterday while Tom was cleaning out pumpkins for me to carve.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016. 

44 3

David / Bored as a gourd. We told him we were going to “SCOOP THE GOOP!” and I guess he had something a lot more exciting in mind.

44 1

Mary Virginia / Completely horrified and completely captivated. No one wants to touch the goop.

44 2

Thomas / Oh, hey there little pumpkin! He loves wearing David’s discarded shoes, and any time he gets one on (in this photo he’d juuuuuust kicked it off) he starts laughing, delighted at his trick, as if he’s the first kid to ever do this.


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