This was our last week of summer — school starts for the big kids next week. Instead of a last hurrah, it ended up being one of those¬†weeks we just had to muscle through. We had lots of doctor’s appointments and subsequently Mary Virginia got sick. Is it just me or do other moms have to resist the urge to tell their sweet, feverish child, “See, I told you you’d get sick if you slid on your belly in the waiting room.”

I do not say that, because that would be immature and hurtful. Or what I mean is that I don’t say it to Mary Virginia. I do say it to Tom.

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week.


David / David has a huge collection of Duplos, but we’re purposely holding off on getting Legos. It’s not for any philosophical (imagination ruiners! gendered!) it’s just because they’re tiny and throat-shaped and I have a toddler and, as you’ll see if you keep reading, no control over my household.

So no Legos yet, but we did get him the Lego catalog. He’s picked out $45,000 of Lego sets.


37-52 (1)

Mary Virginia / After her nap every day she has a bowl of popcorn and asks me to tell her a story. And the afternoon light makes her blue eyes shine.


37-52 (2)

Thomas / This is an unremarkable photo of Thomas in his high chair. Except that I didn’t put him there. He climbed onto a chair, to the table, and into his high chair. And then I went to Starbucks because if he can do all that by himself then he doesn’t need me around anyway.


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