Photos, songs, and baby belly laughs

The other day “Happy” by Pharrell came on the radio and David and Mary Virginia both started screaming from their carseats, “IS THIS MY SONG? THIS IS MY SONG!! MOMMY!!! MY SONG!”

And then they started having a fight about whose song it was, and I rolled my eyes because does this song belong to either of you, children? When you’re both so obviously forgetting to “Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”?

The correct answer, of course, is that it’s Mary Virginia’s song. It’s one of the songs I used in the slideshow I made to celebrate the first year of her life. The kids each love their videos and we watch them all the time.

David’s first year

Mary Virginia’s first year

Even though  I didn’t have time, I made one for Thomas. Because I see how much my older kids love theirs, and because I think Thomas deserves songs to fight over. And so, here are 10 minutes and 8 seconds of my very favorite photos and videos from the past year. (That’s shorter than David’s, and longer than Mary Virginia’s because she is the middle child and I’m contractually obligated to cheat her of 14 seconds of slideshow reminiscing.)

You can watch it below, or here.

When I was compiling my favorite videos and photos, I realized I had video after video after video of Thomas laughing. He’s always laughing at weird noises I make, or at his siblings, or absolutely nothing. He is such a happy, happy baby.

I hope that comes through as you watch — how wonderful and happy he is, and how very blessed we are that he is ours.


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  1. Becky June 24, 2016

    Yay I love your videos! They always make me laugh and cry 🙂


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