It’s week 26 — we’re halfway through the year! I can barely recognize these kids from week one because they’ve changed so much! Ok so maybe I can. They haven’t changed THAT much. But two out of three have gotten haircuts (sorry Thomas) so I suppose some things have changed.

A portrait of my youngest children, once a week, every week, in 2016.

26-52 david

David / For the first time ever, we have a mailbox (our old house had a mail slot in the door). Checking the mail is one of the highlights of David’s day, even though most of the mail we get is actually for the previous owners.


26-52 mary

Mary Virginia / We have beautiful hydrangeas and calla lillies and magnolias in our new yard. I wanted Mary Virginia to hold this blossom up to show that it’s as big (bigger!) than her head and she refused, even when I begged, and even when I bribed her with a marshmallow (quick reminder: this is a no-judgement zone), and even when David told her that if she did it she would turn into Cinderella.

Perhaps I should have told her to stand like an annoyed teenager and look off to the right to show that the hydrangeas are the same color as her eyes, because they totally are.


26-52 thomas

Thomas / At his 12-month appointment the doctor said, “In the next three months you should expect ‘more.’ More eating, more walking, more into everything.”

If this photo is any indication of the next three months, Mama is going to need more coffee.


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