This week I did something I usually try to avoid. I quickly took pictures on Sunday, the “deadline” for the weekly photos. What it lacks in spontaneity and variety it makes up in children still in their church clothes.

A photo of my children, once a week, every week, in 2016.


The three of them / The kids have done so well with the transition to the new house, but one thing I didn’t expect is that they haven’t wanted to play outside (unless we’re swimming). We have a much bigger yard with lots of room to explore, but they’ve been hesitant. This week I realized that I need to lure them out there with an activity. Here, they’re filling a bird feeder. After they finished, they chased each other and played until it was time to go in for dinner.


24-52 - david 2

David / An introvert like his Daddy, after anything social (like Sunday School and Children’s Worship), David tends to retreat to a quiet place to recharge with books or drawing.


24-52 - david 1

Mary Virginia / An extrovert like her mommy, after church she is energized and busy. Here she’s recreating our morning by gathering toys, dolls, and her purse “just in case” and telling me she was late for church. Ahem.

As an aside, if you happen to see Mary Virginia in a long-sleeved winter dress on the hottest day in June, you can assume that she and I had a “Cinderella dress” battle that morning, and I died on the battlefield clutching a white flag.


24-52 - david 3

Thomas / Mary Virginia got a kitchen for her birthday, and Thomas loves it as much as the big kids.


I asked Tom which picture of Thomas he liked best and he said, “That one’s great. That’s the face he makes when you leave him alone in a field.”

When you leave him alone in a what?

Meaning, that’s something Tom has done often enough that he knows the accompanying face. That’s the way Mary Virginia whines when you buckle her carseat, that’s how David sounds when he laughs, that’s the face Thomas makes WHEN YOU LEAVE HIM IN A FIELD.



  1. Jessamyn June 16, 2016

    Thomas is just the sweetest! That last picture of him is adorable.

  2. Kameela July 5, 2016

    Thomas. How cute he is. You are such a lucky parents.


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