My biggest boy turns four

Right around this time of year in my house, it feels like all we do is blow out candles, eat birthday cake and celebrate — which might be the best feeling ever.

David turned four on Sunday, something he’s been looking forward since the day he turned three.

redbirthday 14

We started the celebration this weekend with a small family dinner that included everything David loves: his cousins, pickles, and color red.

Red plates, red shirt, red table cloth, red cake, red on red on red on red. And the happiest little boy I’ve ever seen.

redbirthday 17

redbirthday 15

redbirthday 1

redbirthday 3

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redbirthday 18

A few weeks ago I asked David what kind of cake he wanted, and he described a Lightning McQueen cake so intricate and complex that I eventually realized he wouldn’t be happy unless I made him a life-size, working Lightning McQueen car that was also edible.

Since his imagination is more advanced than my cake making skills, I tried to convince that you can’t have a Lightning McQueen cake two years in a row. We spent some time on Pinterest together looking at fun alternate ideas.

And after weeks of trying to get him excited about something other than a Lightning McQueen cake, I present to you: David’s Lightning McQueen birthday cake. For the second year in a row.

redbirthday 21

Red icing, with a “D” (because one of my alternate cake ideas was a D-shaped cake and David LOVED the idea, “Yeah! A ‘D’ and a Lightning McQueen!”), and a fire truck, who completes the theme because his name happens to be “Red.” (David’s idea.)

Before you start wondering about that weird brown sludge down the middle of the cake, let me explain. I wanted to make a road using my sister’s writing chocolate technique. She sent me instructions that seemed easy enough.

It didn’t come out like I imagined.

When I realized smooth chocolate wasn’t going to happen, I created a narrative to tell David — that this was the road in Radiator Springs that Lightning McQueen fixed and did a bad job (if you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about). But I didn’t have to make any excuses. Turns out, 4-year olds aren’t critical of their mom’s ability to create a Pin-able chocolate road.

I let him place Lightning and Red exactly where he wanted them, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

redbirthday 11

redbirthday 9

He asked to eat the D and I continued the parenting trend I started when he was an infant, which can be summed up as, “You can have whatever you want, just stop screaming.”

redbirthday 8

redbirthday 6

redbirthday 7

redbirthday 13

Happy birthday to David, my biggest boy, my sweet doodle dog, who is growing up far too fast, but into a wonderful gentleman.

We are so thankful for you, to celebrate this day four years ago when I held you for the first time and in a moment you changed everything about me.

redbirthday 5

As we counted down the days to David’s birthday, he kept whining, “Mommy, why isn’t it my birthday TODAY?”

Each time I would respond in an equally whiny voice, “David, today could have been your birthday, but you chose to be born six days after your due date and now you have to deal with the consequences.”

But now his birthday is finally here and if you need me, I’ll be celebrating.

(Thanks to Uncle Steve for taking photos.)


  1. Katelyn August 17, 2015

    Just found ya through the link up and love, love, love your cute family! That cake is so cute too! Hope it was a great party:)

  2. Tracy Snyder August 20, 2015

    What a fun party!!! The cake looks great! My youngest son just turned 4 in May and his favorite color is red too. I took control of his party this year with a little help from him but I think next year I will include more of his ideas (red).
    Thanks for linking up at the Welcome Home Wednedays Linky Party! Please come back and link up each week!

  3. Lyn @MidMichiganMom August 23, 2015

    It looks like David had a blast at his very RED birthday party. My daughter will be turning 4 this September and she is absolutely obsessed with Frozen….so guess what the theme of her party will be? Although, I want to sing, “Let it go”! (ahem with a different meaning). I will suck it up and become an Elsa fan as well. After all, it’s about what makes them happy right? lol I feel your pain though, we will most likely have a repeat Frozen birthday party next year, and the year after and the year after…I’m sure you get it =) Thank you for sharing your party link with us at Welcome Home Wednesday! David and your family are adorable, and we look forward to seeing more of your ideas next week.


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