The ring bearer experience

We were honored when my brother and his fiancee asked David to be their ring bearer. He did a great job. He did such a good job that the first line of his resume now reads “proficient and bearing rings and wearing bow ties.” If anyone else out there is looking for a ring bearer, I know a handsome blonde three-year old that would be up for it.

But, even though he did a great job, I think of his stint as a ring bearer as a sine curve. It started very low. Because his first official ring bearer task was to get a haircut. And we all know how well that went.


When he came down with a double ear infection just days before the wedding, I thought we were chasing an impossible dream. Ring bearing was for other little boys. For us it would be a disaster.

And then, things started to look up. At the rainy rehearsal, we put his suspenders on and gave him a red umbrella; he had a great time.

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But, maybe even more importantly than having fun, he actually walked down the aisle. It was the practice round, but he did it in a way that made me believe he took the whole thing seriously. And in a way that made me believe he heard and understood the deal — if he walked down the aisle, he would receive M&M’s. For that he’d walk through hot lava. Or share a toy with his sister.


Things really started looking up later that night at the dinner, where the restaurant served David’s favorite drink, lemonade. Then bride and groom gifted him with a giant stuffed football. And as if that wasn’t already the perfect gift for David, he loved it even more when he realized that ball was the only thing in the world his sister wanted.


The next day was the wedding, and I was nervous.  As soon as we arrived at the venue I dropped his bow tie and couldn’t find it for a solid 20 minutes. David rolled his eyes watching me running around in the grass wearing heels looking for his bow tie, worried that the whole thing would be ruined. So maybe his resume should be edited to: I’m proficient in bearing rings but do keep in mind that my mo-oo-om isn’t responsible with bow ties.

I chased him around until go-time because he does not understand that khakis need to be clean. I gave him a Hail Mary pep-talk before the processional and he was like, Mom, chill. I got this.

He gave the performance of his life.

Equatorial Guinea for East West Communications

Equatorial Guinea for East West Communications

And there we were, on a high, and then just before the end of the ceremony David decides to make a noise he’s never made before and has never made since. At the precise moment the pastor pronounced the couple husband and wife, David leaned over and made a vomiting sound. And I had a heart attack.

But he was just making the noise. Ha. Ha.

David must have known that, after the ceremony, the party would start. Because immediately after the ceremony ended he charmed the bride into letting him hold her bouquet.

Equatorial Guinea for East West Communications

And then the shenanigans officially started.


Not that there’s anything wrong with shenanigans.


Especially dance floor shenanigans.

Equatorial Guinea for East West Communications

Except for dance floor shenanigans when the bride and groom are having their first dance on the dance floor and the ring bearer decides THIS! THIS IS HIS MOMENT! HIS DANCE FLOOR DEBUT!

And then, two and a half hours past bedtime, the distinguished ring bearer capped off the evening on the dance floor, shirt unbuttoned, smashing a cupcake into his own mouth.

And so the sine curve was complete. Low-high-low.



DSC_0232 (1)

Except. I suppose I actually can’t think of a better way to end a night than on a dance floor rubbing icing on my face. Well done, son.

Proficient in ring bearing, bow tie wearing, and thoroughly enjoying cupcakes.

[If you’re in the market for a bow tie, I got David’s at Amanda Jo Handmade.]


  1. He is so handsome! I loved reading this because my little guy is up for his first ring bearer debut this spring in my brother in law’s wedding. He’ll only be 19 months, though, so….I’m pretty nervous about that! Looks like he did a wonderful job, minus the crazy sounds. He made it down the aisle, though, so what more could you want? 🙂

    • amandakrieger August 27, 2014

      YES! walking down the aisle was my only goal. he is usually pretty unsure in large/new groups, so we were shocked and amazed!

  2. Wholesome Joy August 27, 2014

    OHHHH! He’s adorable! <3

  3. sarita August 27, 2014

    Love this!! What adorable photos! Looks like a win to me!

  4. Lara August 27, 2014

    I just love the way you tell your life’s stories. David looked adorable in his bow tie. Amazing that it went off so well. So many three year olds would have done much worse than a vomit sound. (Hilarious!)

  5. Courtney August 27, 2014

    Kind of sounds like the best way to end the night in my opinion!!! And, really could he be any cuter owning that aisle walk?

  6. Amanda Greenwood August 27, 2014

    He looks absolutely adorable! Thank you for the shout out about my bow ties and for sharing these photos. You have no idea how much it made me smile!

  7. Kristie August 28, 2014

    Pretty much the best ring bearer ever. (So glad he didn’t really throw up.)

  8. Candace August 28, 2014

    No wedding is complete without a male member of the bridal party unbuttoning (or taking off) their shirt! Well, at least that is my take on weddings…

  9. Catherine@mustardseedlife August 29, 2014

    Sooo cute! He did a great job! My son’s first performance ended with him bailing halfway down the aisle…..and he was pulling a wagon with the ring in it.

  10. stasia August 29, 2014

    Oh my goodness! So precious 🙂 My little is going to be a flower girl at 18 months old in October (we will see how that goes).
    Thanks for linking up with WYWW 🙂

  11. Helene August 29, 2014

    Wish David Krieger was around when we got married. That bow tie!

  12. Nikki September 2, 2014

    OH my goodness! You have quite the little charmer on your hands. I would have freaked out over the vomiting sound. That is so funny!

  13. Teresa September 3, 2014

    he’s such a cutie! It looks like you guys had a blast!


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