From whence she scowled

When we were kids, my dad used to tell us he picked us in a cabbage patch. Good try, Dad. Then why do my knees pop just like yours? And how do you explain my inability to throw away a jar of peanut butter before scraping the ever-loving marrow out of it, thereby slashing my family’s monthly grocery bill by nearly 1/10 of a penny?

Exactly. Some skills can’t be taught.

Which is exactly what I think when I see little Mary Virginia furrow her brows. She was scowling when she looked at me for the first time, and almost 9 months later she hasn’t outgrown her scowl. Not even a little bit.

But it’s totally fine because home girl did not get that disapproving look from the cabbage patch.




  1. Kendwy @mindofkiwi March 4, 2014

    She is the cutest with that scowl! Love the way they show personality even at such a young age!

  2. Jenny Ramsey March 4, 2014

    It’s as if she is saying, “I knew that.”

    • amandakrieger March 4, 2014

      haha. your parents totally had me pegged. can’t wait to hear mary virginia tell YOU that 🙂

  3. Chrissy March 5, 2014

    That is so funny! She looks so concerned!

  4. Sara March 5, 2014

    Not going to lie… this picture MADE MY MORNING! What an adorable scowl!!


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