One step at a time

Walking is a weird milestone because it happens so gradually. It’s not like rolling over. When babies learn to roll over it happens in a moment.

It’s like this:
8:22 am: baby cannot roll over
8:23 am: baby can roll over

Walking is a little more of a process; there’s a big learning curve.

When people ask, I tell them that David isn’t walking but he’s getting there. Then a friend told me that their son started walking. I’ve seen her son in action. He basically stands up, takes one to two steps, then falls down. David’s been doing that for about a month, but I don’t consider it walking.

He’s taken up to eight steps at a time, but still prefers crawling. I’m convinced that the reason he’s taking his time is because he knows I’m ready for him to walk. He weighs 25 lbs. I’m exhausted.

Then we visited a different friend, and that friend told me that David is walking, and my standards are too high.

Here is David, walking while also throwing a tantrum, which must be some sort of milestone.

Calm down, grandparents, he’s crying because he had been playing with my phone and I took it away to lure him across the room. I’m laughing because, come on, David. You’re totally acting like a baby.

As soon as he gets the phone he goes right back to ordering ringtones and calling my ex-boyfriends.

Sorry for the shoddy camera work. It was hard to hold the camera, keep it focused, be far enough from David to get him in the frame but also close enough that he’d walk to me. This one’s a little better.

It’s also longer, it’s a little over two minutes, just a bit over the time limit for answers in the presidential debates. But it shows David’s general flow of walking/sitting/pulling on the cat.

To shame Brigham for that little display, I shaved a stripe down his back so he could think about what he did while he waits for it to regrow. [Why doesn’t he just run away from the baby?]

What do you think? Is David walking?


  1. Jenny Richardson Ramsey October 5, 2012

    yes, I’d say walking.

  2. sarah O'Dell October 5, 2012

    Yes. He is most definitely walking!!!! If you really feel guilty about saying it, say "He’s walking! Just a couple steps at a time, but he gets where he wants to go." But if I was taking him to the nursery at church, I would sign him up for the Walkers class.<br>Also, Logan did not learn to roll over in an instant. It was more like – roll over from front to back, repeat 3 weeks later. Wait a few more weeks. Eventually decide to roll from back to front then cry until Mom turned you over. Continue for several weeks. Even now – 4 MONTHS LATER – he’s a pretty good roller but he doesn’t go far. Do you think there’s something wrong with my child?!?!

  3. Lindsay Krieger October 5, 2012

    You have a walker! Yay David!

  4. tomamanda October 5, 2012

    haha, of course not. david never really went anywhere with rolling either (though once i saw a 7-month old who would roll across the room rather than crawl!)

  5. Grammy October 5, 2012

    David is so sweet. And, yes, he’s definitely walking. I can’t believe he didn’t make a sound when Brigham bit him. He more or less responded to you fussing at Brigham.

  6. tgb703 October 5, 2012

    I would say he’s walking, because you know I would have posted "Benji is walking people!!!" if he took one or two steps. Because I’m crazy like that.

  7. tomamanda October 5, 2012

    ok. I’d say you’re the expert.

  8. Jackie K October 10, 2012

    He’s totally walking!!!!!

  9. amandakrieger December 23, 2012



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