New Year’s GOALS 6-month check in

Remember my 2012 goals?

It’s June, half-way through the year, the perfect time for a goal check-in.

As predicted, Tom has been riding his bike to work 2-3 times a week. Every now and then he has to work past dark or has a meeting across town, both of which make cycling hard. But other than that he’s been consistent, even on rainy days, cold days and (recently) hot days.

And now for my goals. Remember, we don’t make “resolutions” in the Krieger house, we make S.M.A.R.T. goals.

So far, I’ve got about a 50% success rate.

  1. Finish my book editing job by April
    Huge fail. I have made progress, though. I finished draft 3, and just have draft 4 to go. Most of draft 4 will be formatting and putting the book in chapters, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m two months behind my already past-due deadline.
  2. Get back to my pre-pregnancy weight
    Check. And I’d like to say that I didn’t have to work at it; that breastfeeding took care of all the baby weight. But I’m just not one of those girls. Breastfeeding is definitely awesome for weight loss, but my weight didn’t really stabilize until I started running regularly and stopped eating brownies for breakfast.
  3. Answer all e-mails within two weeks
    Did anyone REALLY expect me to do this? It would take an complete personality change. Sometimes I return emails in under 10 minutes. But other times? Well, I have an email in my inbox from Sola that I’ve been meaning to reply to since March 18. And one from Christine from December 12.
  4. Give up Diet Coke
    Check. I’ve had maybe five Diet Cokes in 2012. Hopefully that won’t be too much for my enamel. We’ll have to wait to find out next time I visit Dr. Beabout.
  5. Read 26 books
    Coming off a goal to read 52 books a year, this goal was more about balance. I’ve read 12 books so far in 2012, right on pace.
  6. Keep up with daily Bible reading
    I’m reading Esther. I love the book of Esther, but it’s still hard for me to take a few minutes of David’s nap time to spend time in the Word. And it’s not David’s fault (but I can blame so many things on him!) It’s that I’m easily distracted by anything, and this has always been a struggle for me.
  7. Go to the gym two times a week
    The gym is definitely a part of our routine these days, especially now that David’s moving past his separation anxiety.
  8. Pray for David every single day
    This has been the easiest change of all. Tom and I pray with David every night before he goes to bed and he usually looks up at us and giggles the whole time. For a while the one thing we prayed about most was that David would just SLEEP ALREADY. At first I thought it was silly, but now that I think back, God gives us rest and restoration, and praying for sleep was exactly what our family needed…and still needs.

And then my unmeasurable plans.

  1. Grow my hair out
    I need to change this to “get a haircut already”. It’s been over a year since I cut my hair and it’s dry and broken to the point that I’m almost embarrassed to wear it down. I scheduled an appointment for June 29, and I’m bracing myself for the lecture from my stylist.
  2. Understand my camera better
    I haven’t even attempted to learn anything about my camera. I wrote this and then forgot about it.
  3. Reduce clutter, organize and make our house more liveable
    This is an on-going process, but we’ve really made some progress. We’ve donated 14 bags (I’ve been keeping track) of clothes housewares to our church clothes closet, yard sales, and Goodwill. We even donated some of Brigham’s old toys to Prevent a Litter. (Don’t worry, he didn’t notice they were gone.)
    We’re working on our yard and making changes inside. Right now we’re focusing on the living room, but there are changes I want to make throughout the house. My next step is to go through each room and make a list of everything I want to change, add or get rid of. Hopefully that’ll keep me from feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.
  4. RUN!
    It’s so so so good to feel normal while running again. Consistency has been good, now I’m just working on building a little more speed and endurance. I’ve also been doing Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred, and yoga. I know, YOGA. I hate yoga. But one of my friends gave me a DVD that I sorta like. More on that later.
    I ran the Monument Ave. 10k, and am still a maybe about the Richmond Half-Marathon. I’ll decide by mid-August when I’d need to start training.

This might be the most progress I’ve ever made on “resolutions.” Maybe that’s because they were S.M.A.R.T. Or maybe it’s just because I really wanted to do most of this stuff. Can we add that to the S.M.A.R.T. acronym? Desire? Want? W.A.S.T.M.R. See how that rolls off the tongue? So mnemonic.


  1. Meredith White June 15, 2012

    haha, great update!

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