Finally, planted

Our vegetables are finally in the ground.

Most of my seedlings didn’t survive, so I had no choice but to fill in the gaps with plants from a local greenhouse. It is humbling to admit that here on the world wide web. It’s also humbling to admit that buying seedlings rather than growing plants from seeds is humbling.

We have three kinds of tomatoes,

Hungarian wax peppers, jalapeno peppers,

squash, zucchini, cucumbers, butternut squash, and tomatillos.

We planted at least four of each, because the greenhouse only sells plants in packs of morethanweneed. I also planted some beans from seed.

I don’t grow cilantro and parsley, I kill cilantro and parsley.

But my neighbor has a huge parsley plant, and we love cilantro.

So we’re trying again this year.

And these guys? Delcious.

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