Importance of Video Games for All Members of the Family

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Contrary to what most people believe, playing video games is actually more than just a pastime. Recent studies reveal that this activity gives a number of benefits not only to kids, but even to adults as well.

For Kids and Teens

Childcare resource highlighted numerous positive effects that children can gain from playing video games. The first of these is the development of problem solving skills. Titles like the adventure-puzzler Legend of Zelda and classic strategy Bomberman are but a few examples of games containing elements of planning and problem-solving. The former was even used for autism therapy.

Children also view playing video games as a social activity. Multiplayer games allow children to interact with other kids, thus making new friends.


This activity encourages exercise and practice. For instance, there are boys eager to try out their newly unlocked moves from a skateboard game on a real skateboard. They may not be able to execute them right away, but it makes them go out to practice and get better.

First-person shooter games were found to enhance critical thinking based on an expert study by The American Psychological Association. Additionally, the analysis revealed that playing shooter games improved spatial intellect as players interact with objects and obstacles around them in the game.

Other benefits include:

– Increased interest in various topics such as history and culture
– Promotion of healthy competition and challenge
– Development of leadership skills

It is important to note, however, that moderation is still a key factor when it comes to playing video games. Research by Oxford University suggests that the ideal duration for this activity is around one hour per day.

For Everyone, Including Adults

According to media outlet Cheat Sheet, playing video games boosts memory. In detail, the University of California-Irvine discovered that the part of the brain responsible for memory – hippocampus, was altered by playing 3D games. Furthermore, there are match games such as Memory as well, which lets players exercise their memory.

Reflex games like Piano Tiles and Guitar Hero provide increased hand-eye coordination. These types of games are even used to help train medical surgeons, as explained in a professional study by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Additionally, there are genres for adults like casino games, which give a rewarding feeling to players, provide relaxation and promote positive moods. These range from tabletop card games such as Poker and Blackjack to mobile slot games like Starburst and other bet-centric games such as Roulette.

RPG’s like Skyrim on the other hand, help in decision-making, as these games are rigged with crucial moments wherein players have to thoroughly analyse the situation before making a decision. This in turn will affect how the rest of the game will turn out.

On top of all that, playing video games reduces stress and depression and it also allows parents to play with their children, strengthening their bond in the process.


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